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  1. danny274z says:

    I bet you’re ugly, that’s why you don’t show your face

  2. GerrardRonaldo says:

    You will NEVER see a rich, handsome, alphamale white man with a black women.
    Strong, Independent, Black Women —–> /watch?v=Wi8Ck6ehkMw

  3. jogmas12 says:

    chuck norris don’t date black

  4. jogmas12 says:

    chaka the Con is married to a white boy?

  5. jogmas12 says:

    Obama’s handsome? ok, what ever you say.

  6. GardiniaBloom says:

    “If you want to make a black woman jelous, find a good fuckin’ example!” ROTFL! I can not even tell you how many white men approach me. It’s INSANE. I think it’s time to realize that the taboo for bw/wm is fading. Now I will never do anything to hurt a bm but I’m also not gonna lie about the fact that I really love wm. I have respect for them and the way they handle their business. It has also never occured to me to try to use it as a way to hurt black men. NEVER!

  7. onlinebabeful says:

    @tatiyanakissdoll lol to you girl, who really cares about them,its soo boring now lol

  8. creolelady70 says:

    who is “Prince Charming” ? you mean Prince Charles? :/

  9. tatiyanakissdoll says:


    even though were not quite sure what their flaunting. With the weight of the woman usually, we see everything already

  10. 3rdEYEbeHolder says:

    @bandis522 good riddance

  11. meauxxwilson says:

    I feel sorry for you. First of all I feel sorry that you are such a coward that you won’t show your face on camera. It’s ignorant, narrow-minded people like you that exacerbate racism (ya, that’s right go get a dictionary if you even own one)
    I’m a black woman and I see a man for his soul and I’m proud of it. Men from all different races have treated me wonderfully….so honestly I think you are jealous. Next time show your face because your toxic words make you sound ugly. Stop spreading hate

  12. Molossian says:

    @keepingitreal15 Black Men don’t like white girls and they usually base the relationship on the white girl’s wealth. When the well run dry Black Men usually return to the women that they desire which certainly aren’t white. In the Black Community the cream of the crop are sexy Black or Latin women. Whote women usually want Black Men but Black Men rarely date them. None really like them and this is why the media must be used to make Black Men more open to dating white women. Even so it’s rare.

  13. TheBlackGlenBeck says:

    You are fukn ghetto!

  14. spainishgirl says:

    WORD UP!!

  15. turbofritz2 says:

    @bandis522 i’m pretty much into those sweet big brown eyes and those big lips and nice booty. ;)

    Yeah you are right there are far too many loosers who ar jelous and angry just because BW dates outisde their race as if the blac race own you just because you are black.

  16. keepingitreal15 says:

    @rhibac I ain’t no fing spick u dumbass I’m a nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol Latinos want to be black so bad cuz their race sucks they need to climb back over the fence.

  17. keepingitreal15 says:

    @bandis522 I couldn’t agree more I love me some WHITE MEN!

  18. keepingitreal15 says:

    Only a pussy wuld make a vid like this without showing her face u tlk 2 much stop being jealous u & i both know a lot of black men love to date white women BTW I’m black and I know that u came off very unclassy and sounded ghetto to the max u r the reason why ghetto and black have become a synonym oh btw ur thing about how cl guys luv blk women is a LIE! I have went on cl the blk girls are on their dick. u r just blindly racist. Ethiopian women aren’t cute at all. This is full of half truthes

  19. Chigirl26 says:

    You went hard sista! You went hard!

  20. BarabbasLove says:

    In case there R any folk who believe whites can’t B Edomites, then find me which race of people fit these 2prophecies( Gen 27:39-40 / Obadiah 1:4)better than Caucasians. Grab an encyclopaedia & look up land theft (Gen 27:39-40) via violence & da (Oba1:4) space program. Now we know whites R Edomites & da prophecies of da slaveTrade (Luke 21:24/Deu 28:68 / Zephaniah 3:10)distinguish blacks(Judah), Native Americans&Latinos (Jer 23:7-8,50:33)
    from da fake Jews, da Bible starts2make sense.

  21. BarabbasLove says:

    BW : U been lied2. Da God of da Bible hates Edomites (Malachi 1:1-4 / / Rom 9:13 ) When Christ returns, he is bringing slavery2 Edomites(Amos 9:11-12) & all da gentiles. Every race will take their punishment but Edomites (Rev 20:7-8/Obadiah 1:18) They will join forces w / Satan and that is why God is going2 exterminate them completely = Oba 1:18 / Gen 36:12 ( Amalek) /Exo 17:14/ Num 24:18,20/Deu 25:19/ Isa 63:1-3 = ” None w/ me says (Jesus=Rev 19:11-16,15 winepress = Isa 63:3= winepress) “

  22. BarabbasLove says:

    ATTENTION BLACK WOMEN who R daughters of da West African Slave Trade, Native Americans&Latinos, (youtubeDOTcom/watch?v=6oZ1DZd­8Xuc ) da God of da Bible is not aboutMiscegenation(Gen 25:23/EXO 11:7,33:16/Deu 32:8/Lev 20:24,26,22:12 /MT 25:31-32)Number # 1, Ruffly,70 % of Caucasians have Edomite spirits, less than 20 % of Edomites R of the blacks of da children of da West African Slave Trade who Rda bulk of da Children of Israel = Deut 28:68 flickrDOTcom/photos/50908442@N­03/4679037385/

  23. BarabbasLove says:

    Incase you can’t figure out what I am trying2 say, let me say it plain. 70 % of Caucasians R of Satan’s seed. Esau/Edom is Satan’s seed (Gen 3:14-15/
    Jer 49:10 KJV). Every race of people have Edomites among us. Less than 20 % of blacks have Edomite spirits & increasing, thanks2 foolish black women who R mixing w/ Caucasians. Da man passes da spirits on2 da children (Gen 1:11/Num 1:18), there4 black men who R Israelites create Israelite children w/ Shedomite devils, not vise or versa w/ BW+WM

  24. chsn09 says:

    @rhibac Preach

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